Save as – postproduction

During "Save as – postproduction" we discussed current burning topics regarding postproduction. Invited experts presented their views on challenges and new opportunities. We talked about digital restoration and electronic cinema distribution. Furthermore, Dolby Atmos and Auro by Barco presented their innovative digital cinema sound systems.

Production and workflow processes in film, are constantly developing – not to mention postproduction. Therefore, we discussed several crucial issues:

What are best digital formats for recording films for further editing processes, such as special effects, colour correction, sound editing, and distribution? What are the optimal codec and digital formats for different movie screening platforms (for instance, movie theatre, television, and VOD)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud services for storage during postproduction?

Moreover, we talked about sound that is too loud and new sound systems that include simulated 3D-acoustics in movie theatres. Finally, a new type of training in digital workflow and the Swedish Film Institute’s work on digital restoration of archival film was discussed.

WHEN: Thu 21 nov 10.00 – 17.00 2013
WHERE: Bio Victor, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1, Stockholm


Tove Torbiörnsson and Ramon Reissmüller, The Swedish Film Institute


Film editing in the cloud and everywhere
Håkan Karlsson 
presents his revolutionary HAWC International system that has enabled him to edit major films in his house in the countryside town of Kilafors.


New training in digital workflow
Håkan Karlsson


Digital sound in the movie theatre, challenges and prospects
with Patrik Strömdahl, the Guldbagge award winning sound designer.


Immersive Sound – new sound system in movie theatres
A Dolby ATMOS representative and Brian Claypool from the Belgian company Barco by Auro will present their cinema sound systems. Introduction by Jerry Axelsson, The Swedish Film Institute


Polishing and distributing films in the archive
Lars Karlsson
 The Swedish Film Institute’s work on digital restoration and colour correction.




Save as: codec, files formats and workflow for different platforms
Eric Hansson 
from the postproduction company Head & Tail.


Electronic film distribution for movie theatres 
Cathy Huisin'tveld 
and Paul Huisin'tveld from Gofilex present their system for electronic distribution in The Netherlands. Could this be something for Sweden?
Introduction by Ramon Reissmüller, The Swedish Film Institute.


Coffee break


Visual effects
Hanna Bengtsson
 and Kaj Steveman from Fido Film who did the visual effects for acclaimed "Shed No Tears" (Känn ingen sorg), among others.


Summary and questions