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Tickets and cards

The easiest way to buy tickets is on our website, under each film, by clicking on "Köp biljetter" (Buy tickets). This will take you to the online shop for your chosen title. You don’t need a membership card to visit Cinemateket, but if you do have one, remember to bring it if you have bought a discounted member’s ticket.

You can also buy tickets and cards at the Film House ticket office at Borgvägen 1, which opens one hour before the first film of the evening and closes when the last film begins.

Standard tickets cost SEK 110.
(No card required for standard tickets.)

A card, either Cinemateketkortet or Stora Cinemateketkortet, gives you discounted tickets and other special offers. Cards can only be bought at the Film House ticket office.

Cinemateketkortet is valid for one year and costs SEK 300
You pay SEK 70 per ticket for standard film screenings.

Stora Cinemateketkortet is a card for very frequent visitors. It costs SEK 1000, is valid for one season and gives you free admission to our standard film screenings. 

When you buy a discounted ticket, you must show your membership card and ticket on admission.

Minimum age

Different films have different age ratings so please check the programme to see the rating for each film. Films with an 15 rating may be seen from age 11, 11 rating may be seen from age 7, and films with a 7 rating may be seen from any age if accompanied by an adult. 


Do I have to print out tickets?
No, you can show your ticket(s) on a smartphone or tablet on admission. The ticket office at the Film House can also find your ticket and print it if you don’t have it with you.

How many tickets can I buy for each screening?
A maximum of 5.

Can tickets be stored on my membership card?
At present tickets cannot be stored on our two types of membership card, but we are looking into introducing this function in future.

Why do I have to enter my address details every time I buy a ticket?
We suggest you activate the Autofill forms function in your web browser, via Settings. That way you only need to enter the first character in each field and the rest will be filled in automatically.