De andras liv vann Guldbagge och är nominerad till en Oscar

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Tyske kulturattachén Ralf Krautkrämer tog emot regissören Florian Henckel von Donnersmarcks Guldbagge för 2006 års Bästa utländska film och läste hans tacktal:

Dear friends,

It makes me incredibly happy to be receiving the Guldbagge. And I wouldn´t be saying that just for any award. I´ve always aimed for recognition in Sweden above all other places. This has mainly to do with one beautiful Swedish girl called Aleksandra Schalburg. She went to my kindergarten in New York, and from age 4 onwards my entire universe revolved around her. When I was five years old, she made me the happiest boy on earth by choosing me to be the red “gnome in her kindergarten staging of the Lucia celebration. Life was never quite the same after she moved back to Stockholm when we were both 6 years old. So, this Guldbagge is all about her, and admittedly a little bit of Ingmar Bergman, too. That Mr. Bergman and I both have the same bug in our possession thrills me greatly.

I am very unhappy I cannot be there tonight. It is the night of the French premiere, and the French threatened to send the DGSE, the French Secret Service, to hunt me down if I decided to go with you instead of them.

So I thank you for this great, great honor of giving me my first golden bug. I seriously and immodestly hope that it may not be the last! And to the next one I would come even if it were my daughter´s wedding!

Thank you! You have made me proud and happy,

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, writer and director of The Lives of Others

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