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Här hittar du aktuella rapporter från den europeiska audiovisuella sektorn.

  • What are the challenges and chances offered by AI to the audiovisual sector?
  • How Much Bigger Can Media Get. A Study about the role of American Film & TV Independent producers.
  • How does Europe safeguard media pluralism and a diverse offer?
  • Film and TV content in VOD catalogues 2020 Edition. 
  • Yearbook 2020/2021 från European Audiovisual Observatory. 
  • From cinemas to VOD. A case study of films released in Europe since 1996.
  • European high-end fiction series: State of play and trends.
  • Modelling audiovisual sector revenue flows in the EU and test case on impact of COVID-19 on industry revenue. 
  • Key Trends 2019/2020. Understanding the European film, television and VOD industries.
  • Creative Europe Monitoring Report 2019.   
  • Copyright licensing rules in the European Union. 
  • Female directors and screenwriters in European film and audiovisual fiction production
  • Mapping of the regulation and assessment of the nationality of
    European audiovisual works.
  • Gender Gaps in the Cultural and Creative Sectors.
  • European high-end fiction series: State of play and trends.
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